Villa Borri

Take care of yourself in the Tuscan hills


The wellness center is accessible from our park and is run by the Casciana Terme.
We can boast that the spa with its spacious halls adorned with frescos and elegantly furnished has little competition; if you add to that the scientifically proven benefits of thermal water, Terme Villa Borri is one of a kind .
The spa and its thermal treatment centre with its 3 pools and salt baths are located in the main Villa built in 1700.
The rooms where the treatments are done are very spacious, each unique and charactarised by distinctive antique paintings made on lime from that period. The Villa Borri spa is managed directly by the Terme di Casciana.                         
For info and reservations, visit or contact the Terme di Casciana:
Opening hours from Monday to Friday                          
9.00-12.30 and 15.00-17.30 hours                          
Saturday 9 am-5.30pm                          
Sunday 9.30 am-3.30 pm                          
Tel 0587 644608                          
Fax 0587 644673                          

Info & Reservations

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Reception: (+39) 0587 346495


Via Galileo Galilei, 34
56035 Casciana Terme - Lari

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